create summaries of client and user data

Create summaries of client and user data (including the survey and interview data)

ï‚· Develop personas (user profiles), user journeys, and customer experience maps

 Consider human factors that will inform the spa’s website design

ï‚· Create wireframes for the redesigned website

At the end of the course, you will also design a prototype of the website and write a report in which you explain and justify the decisions you made in redesigning the site.

For this milestone, you will take the first steps in redesigning the spa website, which will be to summarize data collected through a survey and interviews with former, current, and prospective spa customers. Specifically, you will address the following:

ï‚· Customer Survey Results

o Summarize the results of the survey provided for you.

o What conclusions regarding user preferences can you draw based on the survey results?

ï‚· Customer Interviews

o Summarize the results of the customer interviews provided for you.