increasing phonological awareness lesson plan

Background Information: For this course project assignment, you will create a lesson plan with the goal of increasing English language learners’ phonological awareness.

Phonological awareness is the ability to recognize and work with sounds in spoken language. Some activities that aim to increase phonologic awareness are ones that can include rhymes and predictable language patterns, phonics, blending phonemes (sounds).

Complete a Lesson Plan:

  1. Review this module’s required readings. Learn more about phonological awareness in emergent literacy, and note ideas and details to help you get started.
  2. Download and review the lesson plan template below:
  3. Using the template, create a lesson plan targeted at increasing phonological awareness to your previously chosen audience. Be sure to complete all sections of the plan, including the reflection sections.
  4. Include at least one outside source to support your ideas, and include a references page for those sources formatted to APA standards. Your sources can be credible websites or articles from the Online Library.