Creative Challenge in Blender Project

Students will be challenged to learn a new digital tool! Students are welcome to learn a more industry standard tool if they like, but those are very expensive. Blender is being used more often for professional projects than ever, and it’s free and open source! That is why I am teaching/recommending it to all students.

Students will have to hand in an original 3D image that they created and rendered. This will be the most open-ended assignment of them all. You can create any image as long as you can prove that you made everything in the image yourself (no taking resources from online).

Your image needs to include at least three things that you modelled yourself. These can be VERY simple items, such as a mug, a juice bottle, a cardboard box, but you need to make them yourself, from scratch. For students who find this program difficult to learn, the image can be that simple: just three objects floating in black empty space. However, I would encourage students to try to create an actual scene with some kind of background or setting for their objects, even if it is very simple. This assignment will be marked the most generously of all the assignments in this class, especially in terms of the “message” that you want to get across as an artist and how much you connect your art to culture, politics, etc. Don’t feel too stressed about making a deep, impactful message, just focus on learning the program and create items around some kind of theme with as much detail in each item as possible. Students can do more if they like, but focus on the basics for this one as it is a very complicated program.