Scope & Schedule Management Questions

ITEC 411: Assignment 4 – Scope Management [25 Pts]
Individual Assignment
Scope Management (ITPM chapter 5). Answer the questions below thoroughly and completely (one
sentence answers will not be sufficient). Submit the assignment as one word document via BlackBoard
assignments. Additional files or non-Word files will not be accepted. Be sure to include your name,
course.section and assignment #.
1. What is scope? What processes are involved in project scope management? [2pts]
2. What is a project scope statement? What should a project scope statement include? [2pts]
3. What are project requirements? Discuss the common methods used for collecting project
requirements. [2pts]
4. What is scope creep? What are the goals of scope control? [2pts]
5. What is a WBS? What is a task list? What is a responsibility matrix? [2pts]
6. You are put in charge of introducing a new self-checkout Point of Sale (cash register) system in TU’s
University Store. Identify all the deliverables and work required to complete the project (must have at
least 15 primary tasks and 4 summary tasks).
Use your choice of software (recommend to create a WBS diagram (with at least 2 levels
of detail). Use MS project to create a corresponding Gantt Task List (task sheet) – do not include
durations or dependencies (predecessors/successors) or dates. Use Word (table) to create a
corresponding Responsibility Matrix for the project (make up team member names). Be sure to
number all tasks in the WBS, Task List and RM. Place (copy and paste) the WBS diagram, Gantt Task list
and Responsibility Matrix below:
6a. WBS diagram (one diagram/image only) [5pts]
6b. Gantt task list [5pts]
6c. Responsibility matrix [5pts]
Sample WBS
Sample Task List
Sample Responsibility Matrix
Task Robert Maria Alex Jane Carlos Michelle
Automated Software System
1. Prime Mission Product x
1.1 Subsystem 1 (Specify name) x
1.2 MAP Application Software x
1.3 PMP System Software x
2. Platform Integration x
3. Systems Eng/Program Mgt x
4. System Test & Evaluation x
5. Training x
5.1 Equipment x
5.2 Services x
5.3 Facilities x
6. Data x
7. Peculiar Support Equip x
8. Common Support Equip x
8.1 Test & Measure Equipment x
8.2 Support & Handling