critiquing policy decisions questions social work

Answer questions below each question (format)

Critique each of the following social policies according to the following questions after reading Chapter 10 Policy, Values, and Ethics (pages 238-280) on textbook (I will provide textbook PDF):

1. What social work values and ethical principles should the policy makers consider?

2. What are the strengths and limitations of these policies in relation to social work values and ethical principles?

3. How could the policy decisions be improved to provide a better fit with social work values and ethical principles?

a) Congress decides to move one billion dollars from social security to fight terrorism

b) A school faced with budget cuts decides to cut its art classes. The school wants its students to do well on standardized education tests and the tests do not include any questions about art.

c) A food bank decides to shut down operations. The program’s directors believe that it’s existence enables poverty, rather than solves it. They believe the food bank makes the community take comfort in the fact that economically does not take responsibility for job creation, affordable child care, and other programs that deal with the underlying causes of poverty. Although shutting down the food bank creates short-term pain and crisis, it will produce broader social charge over the long term by motivating the community to act.

Make sure the questions are based on the reading, that;’s how you can get an answer. Chapter 10 Policy, Values, and Ethics (pages 238-280). No need to cite as long as you’re using the textbook which is the only resource.