ethic paper based on reading 3 4 pages double spaced 1 inch margins 12 pt times new roman must use in text citations and include a bibliography 1

For this assignment you will write a 3-page analytic “commentary” on the ethical case we read and discussed in class. A thoughtful response includes a careful analysis of the problem (what makes it a dilemma? What values and principles are at stake?) and developing your own response to the problem, supported by arguments and relevant evidence from the case. Here, you should expect to draw on what you learned from the readings and class discussion, and to support your reasoning with relevant facts of the case study and perspectives from the commentaries that support your points.

As part of your commentary, please address the following three dimensions:

1.Analyzing the central problem and the values at stake. What is the central dilemma in this case? Why is this a dilemma? What values or principles are at stake? Is there disagreement about these values? Do they compete in some way? What practical and/or policy considerations are at stake? Is there disagreement about these? Do they compete in some way?

2. Formulating possible responses, choices, actions. What the reasonable choices or lines of action might be available, and to whom? How does each of these choices frame and address the issues at stake? For each choice, what is gained and what is lost? Who should take action (or not)? What should they do? Why?

3. What have you learned from this case that might apply elsewhere? What are the broader lessons that we might take from this case for how you understand educational policies or practices? Issues of educational equity and fairness? Other principles or values that might guide the practice of teaching or the organization of schools?