crmj research paper

5-7 page paper, double spaced, not including reference page. Typed in 12 font, TIMES NEW ROMAN(NOT BOLD), with 1’ margins on all sides with page numbers in upper right corner in a Microsoft office word document. In APA format. The objective for this paper is to evaluate a criminal law case that made its way through the criminal justice system to the Supreme Court. Evaluation should include details from every aspect of the case involving law enforcement interactions, biographies of the main people involved, details of all court decisions, correctional activities and the impact this case has made on the criminal justice system as a whole. In the conclusion you should summarize your findings and give an educated opinion on the final outcome of this case. This must be articulated intelligently and backed with referable facts. All information used in this paper should be APA referenced appropriately(5 minimum).

The case is Padilla v. Kentucky, 559 U.S. 356 (2010) criminal defense attorneys are duty-bound to inform clients of the risk of deportation under three circumstances. First, where the law is unambiguous, attorneys must advise their criminal clients that deportation “will” result from a conviction. Second, where the immigration consequences of a conviction are unclear or uncertain, attorneys must advise that deportation “may” result. Finally, attorneys must give their clients some advise about deportation-counsel cannot remain silent about immigration consequences.

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