please help with my five year plan essay

5 page essay

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5 year plan paper

Here a little about me :

After nursing school I’m not going to work right away , I will do my BSN as I’m working . I hope to work in the labor and delivery or Nicu nurse. I love kids and I’m very creative and artistic and kids and baby make me feel such joy to be around. I plan on work as a navy nurse. I’m thinking of saving up and investing in a small business . I plan on getting married in about 2 year from now. I plan on furthering my education with nursing Perhaps be a nurse practitioner I also want to give back and support other nurses student once I make a good income. The idea of given back mean a lot to me and I understand the struggle nursing student go through to make it . Plus I come from a family that don’t have much to give and learn to safe up just to be success as a RN student.