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Please post (in a reply to my discussion prompt) your answers to the questions at the end of the Instructor’s Comments by 11:59 PM Tuesday evening. The deadline for completing your reading of others’ posts and making your replies is 11:59 PM on Wednesday evening.

Please begin this week’s discussion by posting answers to the following questions. Use the readings and your own experiences to deepen your answers.

1. Use the insights of the dramaturgical and cultural theories to make sense of your own emotional experiences. Please provide two examples of how any of your emotional experiences can be interpreted using each of the three key insights I described above.

2. Please give at least two examples of how rituals lead to feelings of social solidarity in your life. Please try to avoid using a New Year’s example…sorry, I took that one already. I also want you to apply elements of Collins’ interactional ritual chain theory in at least one of your examples, and elements of SummersEffler’s theory in at least one of your other examples.

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