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This is the first discussion forum. Please post your answers (by replying to this post)) to the questions at the end of the Instructor’s Comments before 11:59 PM Tuesday evening. The deadline to complete reading others’ posts and making your replies is 11:59 PM on Wednesday evening.

Discussion Questions

(1) Webb believed that the richness of sociological data degrades as a function of the distance of the observer to the social situation s/he is studying. In simple terms, what does she mean by “distance” from the social situation? What is an example of research where the observer is far from the situation? What is an example of a research method where the observer is close to the situation? What are the implications of Webb’s view for how sociologists should conduct their research?

(2) The S-F perspective argues that “healthy” social change should take place gradually, more evolutionary than revolutionary. What are some of the political implications of this assumption? For example, whose interests does slow social change favor in society?

(3) Pick any social system of which you are a member. What sub-units of that system satisfy each of Parsons’ AGIL functional requisites? How does each sub-unit meet its A, G, I, or L goals? Be sure to do more than just share what the adaptations, goals, integration, and latency requisites are: tell us also what systems are in place (personal and/or social) that help achieve these requisites over time.

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