cultures of masculinity.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses cultures of masculinity. The source will be essential due to its comprehensive and progressive content regarding modern masculinity.

Murray, D. (2002). Masculinity and Self-Identity in Elite Triathlon, Body- Building, and Surf Lifesaving. In D. Hemphill & C. Symons (Ed.), Gender, Sexuality & Sport: A Dangerous Mix (pp. 39). Petersham: Walla Walla Press.

Murray’s argument in this chapter entails men’s masculinity examined from three choice levels in Australian sports. These include triathlon, muscle building, and surf-lifesaving coupled with interviews meant to ascertain peoples’ core motives that prompt them to participate in sports. The source will be crucial in expounding the issue of masculinity among the sportsmen, and their fans’ perspectives who prefer well-built bodies as a sign of manly prowess. In addition, Murray has revealed many categories’ fancies about muscular bodies especially the female gender that comprises the spectators’ sizeable number. Hence, unveiling how people view masculinity from a social context.

Palmer-Mehta highlights how “The Man Show” reveals US’ masculinity mediocrity among heterosexual white men. The discussion’s focus is on the men’s insubordinate behavior influenced by fears and desires, which erode U.S society’s masculinity power besides rendering them to be of questionable caliber. Hence, revealing white men’s weakness despite claiming their rightful position in American society. The source will be helpful in backing the argument regarding how masculinity mediocrity has crept in the contemporary world regardless of states’ development status.

The article highlights the aspect of masculinity using sexual prowess, especially among the black men. Since according to diverse traditional ideologies held by numerous people black men do possess immense sexual vitality than other races. This prompts other people to deem black men cannot turn down any sexual offer from the women especially among the college students. hence, they are able to have sex with many women concurrently.