paper that discusses philosophical questions of theories.

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses philosophical questions of theories. A neural theory of intention is proposed as a brain process that binds together information about situations, emotional evaluations, actions and sometimes about self. It is argued that intentions are semantic pointers, powerful kind of neural process, where patterns of neural firing activity is a consequence of information impression operations implemented in neural actions.

This theory argues that with a distinction of kinds of existence that is: existence in the sense of matter, existence in the sense of shape or form and existence in the sense of that which is compounded of both form and matter (Beers 27). No matter is the potentiality for some actuality. Of natural bodies some have life in them, others not. by life, it means self-nutrition and growth.

It follows that every natural body which has life in it is an existence in the sense of a composite of matter and form (Beers 35). But since the body is made of certain stuff, the body cannot be soul. the soul must be an existence in the sense of the form of a natural body having a life. A living body that has a soul is a body which is organized. For instance parts of plants in spite of their extreme simplicity are organs e.g. Leaves serves to shelter the pericarp, the pericarp to shelter the fruit, while the roots of plants are analogous to the mouth of animals, both serving for the absorption of food. In essence, the soul is the existence in the sense which corresponds to the definitive formula of a thing. The power of a soul corresponds to the general kinds of biological functions performed by organisms.

Sam argues that although science may ultimately show us how to truly maximize human well being, it may still fail to dispel the fundamental mystery of our mental life (LANE, 24). That doesn’t leave much scope for conventional religious doctrines, but it does offer a deep foundation for introspection. Many truths about ourselves will be discovered in consciousness directly.