dance appreciation 3

This assignment is divided into two parts (ONE paragraph for EACH part)

Part 1

1) Why are dance production roles such an important part of dance productions?

2) Do you think that dance performances would be the same without these roles?

(6-8 sentence response)

Part 2

“Amelia” excerpt… to at least 6 min.

Choreography by Edouard Locke

Performed by La La La Human Steps

1) Watch the video and discuss what impressions this piece of choreography gave you?

2) What mood does it set?

3) Describe any movements that standout to you and why?

4) Do you think this piece is abstract or narrative and why?

5) Can you connect anything we have been learning in class with what you see in this video?

(responses should be 6-8 sentences and in paragraph format)

*Note: This is a dance appreciation assignment. research is needed as supplementary, please also include personal opinion.