discussion post 805

1.After reading about the Business Motivation Model, what benefits do you see if an organization uses the model to help formulate its actions and what it should be focusing on? 5-7 sentence.. I want it today. please

2. Assume you are starting a business from the ground up. Using the Business Motivational Model, consider the market for your selected business and come up with the following BMM attributes:

  • Ends:
    • Vision- only one is required
    • Desired Results (Goals and Objectives)- at least 2 goals, and at least 2 objectives for each goal
  • Means:
    • Mission- at least one
    • Courses of action (Strategies and Tactics)- at least two of each
    • Directives (Business Policies and Business Rules)- at least 4 of each
  • External Influencers- at least two
  • Internal Influencers- at least two

3. One of BI’s best practices is the Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC). What would be your focus and proposed functions/roles of a BICC model in Steel Wheels? Would BICC be formed by the IT department only? Explain why. 2-4 sentence for each question