Dance Concert Report

Write a paper on the Dance Concert #2. The Library will be broadcast on the Performing Arts Center or the  Dance YouTube Channel.  Write a paragraph on each piece presented by name and choreographer.    Reflect on the strength of the theme, lighting, costumes and movement.   What insights did you gain from this dance concert?  What particular observations about the elements of dance helped you to enjoy this concert? Be specific.   Review the dynamics and subtleties of the piece.  Identify what was intriguing about the piece?  What did I learn today that helped me grow or appreciate how others think.  Give insight to your opinion by using comparison or personal experience as you relate to the content of the dance.  You may also analyze the dance as pure dance and motion reflecting on the emotional or kinesthetic sensations produced.    

What was the name of the concert that you attended? Name one dance selection you enjoyed the most. Who choreographed the dance selection you enjoyed most? What changes would you have made to one of the dances to make it more effective? You can include music, costumes, lighting, etc. If you enjoyed the entire concert equally, explain why. If you didn’t like the concert explain why, and how you think it could be improved.

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