debate team gather as much as information to argue in favor of the motion business class

MOTION: Acme Corporation shall adopt artificial technology in its recruiting, interviewing and hiring processes, in the way Unilever is using this technology now and including Frrole’s DeepSense AI.

I am in Team 1, which will argue in the favor of the Motion. Please help our Team win… 2 teams all have the same readings but if you can find more information outside which beneficial for our team and make team 2 give up that would be great. Please gather as much as information. This is not an essay so no need format or anything. It can be like this:

– I think …..

-Also, …..

-As your team mention,….. I would say…..

I have attached a file that will describe in detail for you below… please read through… There are some links for you to gather information as well.. please reach out to me if anything. I prefer to receive the work early to avoid technical issue, also we need time to practice and compare our work before the debate so please be on time. Thank You!

Team 2 will argue against the motion. (You DO NOT need to care about this) Your job is to beat them hehe.