Describe your attachment to your parents and friends.

The Ages of students in this class are all over the place – SO

Describe your attachment to your parents and friends.

For your instructor, I remember growing up and my parents were never around – I was very insecurely attached to them and I struggled with relationships most of my childhood until my good buddy Eric and his family showed me what a family should be. I learned to resolve this attachment issue as I got older and my children now are very attached!!

I also want you to think about relationships now – with Social Media and the Tinder Hook- up culture rather than the lets find a spouse culture, the problem of a PANDEMIC and dating, oh so much to think about. I am so glad I am happy in my marriage!!

When my wife and I met, we were in college we were both looking for someone to get married to – not just someone to have fun with. The friends that I have who are still single (in their 40s) never wanted to find someone long term when they were young.. and now the people they meet are set in their ways and hard to develop a relationship with.

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