Discuss the potential for the use of chemicals – specifically Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs) and Toxins.

Managing Crises and Response to NBC Incidents (Radiological and Explosive Materials And Mass Decon)

Discuss the potential for the use of chemicals – specifically Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs) and Toxins.

Describe what TIMs and Toxins are and how they differ from weaponized Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and biological agents. Discuss which concern you the most and why – from the standpoint of being able to prepare against the use of or mitigate the impact of the effects of the use of. State and clearly support your position.

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Crisis Communications: Death and Injury

1. Imagine such a game. What do you think of this game? Is it insensitive, does it trivialize the actions of killers or would it serve as a prodrome to those who play it, urging them to heed warning signs? How could an online game about the incident be made to be a lesson of understanding? Can a game be fun and educational/informative?

2. Why do political figures frequently lose their positions after scandals, but entertainers and sports figures, even if they go to jail, are often returned to their former positions as stars? If you were a publicist or agent to a celebrity, would you attempt to establish rules with your client, warn him/ her about appropriate and inappropriate behavior, or just bank your salary and let things occur?

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Let’s Blab about Jazz Composers

American jazz served as the foundation for rock and roll music. American jazz is explored in the discussion this week.

Select one jazz composer that is not covered in the course text. (These are some in the text: Scott Joplin, Sippie Wallace, Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Louis Armstrong, and Jelly Roll Morton.) Write the post from the perspective of the chosen composer. Discuss the style of his or her music. Explain how this composer influenced the development of jazz. Also show how his or her contributions have impacted popular American music.

Write from the composer’s perspective–using first person voice. Do not just include a biography of the composer. The focus is to be on the style of music, contributions to the evolution of jazz music, and the impact this composer’s music has had on popular American music.Include a YouTube link featuring a performance of the composer’s music. Write in your own words. Cite all sources/provide links to your source.

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2. From Chapter 12, Darr (2011, p 306) writes “institutional ethics committees (IECs) should assess prospectively and retrospectively the ethical issues raised in competition, marketing, and managed care. They should review the ethical implications of competitions as it affects their patients, organization, and community”. Consider yourself a member of the IEC. Identify two ways to ensure ethical issues are properly addressed.

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Public Policy

Select one of the following public policy issues and assess its effectiveness. What changes may be needed and why?

1) Federal education policies (Every Student Succeeds, Race to the Top, and College- and Career-Ready Standards); 2) Corporate subsidies; 3) Outsourcing.

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Social Network Privacy Policies

Select a social network and summarize three important points you learned about its privacy policy for this environment. How does this apply to your personal information? Most of the privacy policies can be found at the bottom of the website.

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