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I will include a copy of the Unit 3 Discussion


Identifying a Community Problem That Connects to Your Organization’s Mission

In the discussion in Unit 3, you identified a complex community problem in your local community that could benefit from interagency collaboration. In this discussion, you are asked to reevaluate the complex community problem that you identified. Because you are going to be the leader for this new initiative, you need a social problem that aligns with your organization’s mission and services. If your identified complex community problem does not align with the agency’s mission, provide another option.


Ethical Consideration in Community Collaboration

Community collaborations are complex activities of interagency collaboration with stakeholder participation. What are three ethical issues for consideration in community collaboration? What strategies can be used to support ethical conduct in these areas? Support your work with literature.

Unit 3 discussion -Homeless is a significant social issue in contemporary society. Individuals often experience challenges that lead them into homelessness, or increase the difficulties experienced in alleviating homelessness. According to the Interagency Council on Homelessness, South Carolina had about 3933 homeless people in 2018, which was an increase from the number in 2017. Addressing the problem would require a significant level of cooperation between different agencies to create the opportunities necessary for the homeless individuals to access living areas. For instance the department of housing and urban development would develop policies that make it easy for people to access housing, reducing the potential that they slip into homelessness. On the other hand, the department of health and human services would provide the necessary services to such homeless individuals, in effect ensuring that they have access to an ideal quality of life.

Homeless in South Carolina Statistics 2018. Homeless Estimation by State | US Interagency Council on Homelessness. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.usich.gov/homelessness-statistics/sc