read the questions below 1

12 pt font

1. Please explain what Lahar are and how they are formed. (5 points)

2. Please explain what pyroclastic flows are and how they are formed. (5 points)

3. What are Conglomerates and what is their composition? (5 points)

4. Please explain what a lava plateau is and how is it formed. (5 points).

5. Please explain the major differences between volcanic (extrusive) rocks and plutonic (intrusive) rocks. (5 points)

6. Please Explain and give Examples of the three major principles of relative dating used by geologists on the field. (5 points)

C. Essay questions (2 questions = 20 points)

1. In chapter 6 we analyzed different types of lava

/magma. Please Name And Describe the characteristics of the major lava/magma types that exist on Earth.

Please be very specific. (10 points)

2. Please Name and Explain the genesis of three major volcanic landforms. Please be very specific.