discussion neighborhoods


The purpose of this assignment is to consider neighborhoods, change, and restoration.


If you haven’t already, watch the videos at right (or watch them again so they are fresh in your mind). Using the information from the Ted Talks, your reading, and your personal experience of neighborhoods, think about how you would describe a process of change in a neighborhood of which you have been a part. Then, write a substantive paper in approximately 500 words addressing the questions and criteria below. (Follow APA guidelines as is appropriate when citing and referencing sources.)

Consider and Address:

Explain the neighborhood you will be using for the writing assignment.

Describe the change you experienced or that is currently occurring.

Which if the three theories of neighborhood change would it be based upon?

What are the strengths of this neighborhood?

Pick one of the neighborhood strength building projects discussed in the Ted talks and discuss how it could be applied to this neighborhood.

Do you think it would be effective here in strengthening the neighborhood?

Theaster Gates: – How to revive a neighborhood: with imagination, beauty and art


Majora Carter: – Greening the ghetto