discussions 211


select one(improving on my communication skills) growth mindset tool you can apply this week to push yourself outside of your comfort zone (Chapter 5 page 5.6). Describe how using the tool will help to build your confidence in that area.


You can also learn from others’ experiences. Tell the class about a time in your life where you experienced success. How can you draw upon that experience to boost your confidence when faced with future workplace challenges? Then, respond to one or more of your classmates and tell them how you can use what you learned from their experience.


you learned the importance of reframing your negative self-talk into positive self-talk. Now, follow the three-step process on page 7.3 of the Webtext to reframe your own negative self-talk and share it with your class. (Please be sure not to reuse an example that was already given in the Webtext.)


You learned four simple ways you can use self-monitoring behavior in the workplace. Review the table on page 8.3. Then, explain how you already use one of these behaviors at work or school. Next, identify one of the behaviors that you might need to work on for your future career.


You learned about the 5 types of people you should include in your own professional network (mentor, industry insider, connector, idealist, and realist). Review these 5 types, then pick 2 types you’d like to add to your own confidence crew. Using strategies you’ve learned from the tips in the Webtext, explain how you will go about adding these professionals to your crew.