Discussion question

Part 1.

Respond to the following prompt:

Please introduce yourself. The sociological imagination allows us to see the connections between history and biography. In order to understand how we can apply this concept to sociological topics like race/ ethnicity, gender/ sexuality, family, religion, education (and many more), let’s first begin by applying it to your own lives. Think about the historical period in which you were born, the place/environment in which you were born, and your own biographical information, including where you are now as a college student. Remember, only describe aspects of your life that you are comfortable sharing with the entire class, as this information will be presented in an open forum.

Part 2:

 Thoroughly answer the following questions/statements. Ensure to include a well-formulated responses. You are required to include examples to support your ideas. Post two follow-up substantive responses relevant to the discussion.

Find a peer-reviewed journal article about a topic in Sociology. Acceptable journals include PLOS ONE, Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, The Sociological Review, Journal of Public Health, Health Education Research, American Journal of Public Health, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, or other similar journals. The study should have been performed within the past 10 years.

In a paragraph, summarize the study including the place of research, who conducted it, the type of research method/s employed, the research question, and the findings. Add in your own thoughts about the study. What did you find interesting?

Part 3: 

Select at least one of the major sociological perspectives (Conflict Theory, Structural-Functional, and/or Symbolic Interactionism). Discuss the perspective(s) and its relevancy to your response of the discussion prompt with specific examples.

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