due as a hard copy in class on nov 21 for the quiz no more than one page total single spaced please 1 if you were to believe that god exists but for some reason felt that you had to define god as a 2 o god instead of a 3 o god which o wou

Due as a Hard Copy in class on Nov 21

(For the quiz, no more than one page total, single-spaced, please.)

1.If you were to believe that God exists, but (for some reason) felt that you had to define God as a 2-O God instead of a 3-O God, which ‘O” would you remove from the definition? Why?(40 pts)

2. Which of the Theodicies do you feel is the most convincing?Why?(Note: If you feel that none of them work very well, just pick the one you feel works better than the others…)(40 pts)

On a different sheet:

Extra Credit (worth 25 pts)

If you were a medical doctor in a state (in the United States) where Death with Dignity is legal, would you participate as the doctor who prescribes the lethal dose?(Remember, in states where it is legal, a doctor can refuse to participate.)Why or why not?(In your answer, you must cite at least one of the reasons for (from lecture) Death with Dignity, or the one of the reasons against.)