please help me to answer the following question 5

Those questions is for students who commit academic dishonesty, so when you answer the questions, please be as positive as you can.

You are not expected to use outside sources and can successfully complete the questions using only the sources provided.

All the questions are being attached in the “Questions” file.

For each question, you need to have at least 160 words, and please provide thoughtful answers.

Here are your assigned readings (links to the readings are also provided in the question text)(you are not able to view some of the readings, but I already attached below):

[A Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan’s 1999 Harvard University Commencement speech (backup PDF here).

[B] Meditations of Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius.

[C] “Lincoln’s Great Depression” by Joshua Wolf Shenk

[D] Excerpts from the book An Anatomy of Life in the Death Camps by Terrence Des Pres (the focus is on what we can learn about human behavior and adaptation in the most extreme conditions).

Some tips on answering the questions:

1. Please make reference to the readings in your answers. We’ll want to see, for example, that you’ve given careful thought to Alan Greenspan’s views about the ”value added” characteristic of business ethics.

2. The example answers is attached below named “Standards for Satisfactory Responses”.