English language learners (ELLs) KEY EVENTS

Based on key legislation pertaining to English language learners (ELLs) from Pennsylvania  and from your readings, create a brochure or newsletter to be used to inform parents in your community about English immersion policies and programs. Include the following: 

  • Historical developments that led to the policies regarding the role of English in their children’s classrooms.
  • Pros for the English immersion program in the community or school you have chosen.
  • At least two websites that enable parents to get additional information about the English immersion programs that parents would need to know about.
  • A description of the characteristics of a relevant English immersion program in terms of instructional strategies, time spent in the classroom with other ELL students, and time spent in regular classrooms with native speakers. You can find this information on the Arizona Department of Education website or from the Department of Education website of your state.
  • Definitions for any terms that parents would need to know.
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