escribe the purposes and functions of interest groups , history homework help

  1. Describe the purposes and functions of interest groups and why people participate in them.

Answer: The purposes of interest groups is for people to come together to make a difference. It is important to remember that one person is weak but when many people come together towards a common goal or interest than changes can be made. A good example of an interest group that I think of is the national rifle association. They come together to ensure the rights of all Americans to possess firearms so that all can protect themselves and their property. According to Newell, they are six different types or categories of interest groups. They are; 1.Economic groups, 2. Spiritual Groups, 3. Artistical groups, 4. Ethnic groups, 5. Associations of local government, 6. Public interest groups. Some of these groups are sometimes viewed as radical or heinous groups that promote violence or hatred towards others. I do agree that there is some groups of this nature but not all. When a group of well-educated people come together towards a common goal that is when changes are going to be made. Most of the groups function in a well-mannered or very articulate ways. A good thing to think about when talking about political interest groups is the parties themselves. Each party comes together and promotes their beliefs. People I believe get involved in interest groups to share time with other people that share their common ideas on the specific topic at hand.


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