Personal Narratives of Americans in Vietnam, history homework help

Assignment 10: Personal Narratives of Americans in Vietnam

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In this assignment, choose one Vietnam War related personal narrative from among the many featured in the Rutgers Oral History Archives website: (Links to an external site.)

Some narratives from across the political and social spectrum that may be of interest are those of Kenneth Mandel, Arthur Snyder, Jack Jacobs, Edward Bautz, and Frederick J. Kroesen.

Read the person’s oral history (it is text-searchable so you can search for terms) and answer the following questions regarding the oral history you have chosen.

1) What is the name of the person you chose.  Provide a brief description of the person.

2) How did the Vietnam War impact this person?

3) If you were of someone between the ages of 18-30 during this time period, how might the Vietnam  War have impacted you?

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