Explain Brooklin’s personality development from a Feminist perspective

After reading the below background information about Brooklin, please take 3 of the following concepts that were discussed in Chapter 12 and in the lectures and discuss how a therapist might use them when working specifically with Brooklin providing examples of what Brooklin might say or how her background might be discussed in a therapy session to highlight the concepts you chose.

The concepts to use are:

  1. The type and role of the therapeutic relationship
  2. Explain Brooklin’s personality development from a Feminist perspective
  3. Explain how connection and disconnection apply
  4. Explain how a therapist would use empowerment
  5. Explain how a therapist would use gender-role or social identity analysis
  6. Explain how a therapist would use reframing or relabeling with Brooklin
  7. Discuss a power analysis
  8. Discuss how social action might apply
  9. Discuss how assertiveness training might help.

The Case of Brooklin

Brooklin, a 21-year-old African American woman from a major northeastern city, attends college at a small state university. She is a Dean’s List student and a marketing major. Brooklin complains of sadness and loneliness. She reveals that she has had limited contact with her family over the past year. About a year ago, she began dating Richard, another marketing major. They are in the same clubs and activities on campus. Richard is White. Brooklin’s family expressed misgivings about this interracial relationship. They told her that Richard will use her while in college but not maintain a relationship with her afterward. Brooklin divulged that she is frequently unhappy in the relationship because Richard does not take her home to his family and still sees his high school girlfriend, who is White. She said she is hurt and confused when Richard compares her to this woman. When asked why she stays with Richard, she cites their many professional interests in common and that when they are alone he is sweet and loving.