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Section #1 (BIA1) – Business Impact Analysis: Firm & Industry Analysis – Industry structure and Competition (Market Analysis & Competitive Positioning). Students must select one research firm and get instructor approval.

  • Identify the research firm and provide a description of the industry
  • Provide an overview of competitors in the firm’s industry
  • Potential causes of failure (brief overview of BIA)
  • Describe, as best you can, whether the firm’s industry is growing, contracting, or mature and no longer growing and explain how these factors are impacting your firm’s business
  • Rank your firm’s position in the industry in which they compete.
  • Identify the products and services your firm offers and compare its products and services to its competitors (high level overview; not detailed)
  • Provide an understanding of the ERM program the firm has in place
  • Students may use graphs, spreadsheets and other methods to demonstrate work
    • Section 1 must not exceed 10 pages; double-spaced, 12pt. type and should preferably average 7 pages including texts, graphs, and/or tables

Note: Please reference all sources used in your research as footnotes at the end of the document in Section #1 so that instructors can evaluate your work and provide coaching for your project.


  • 10-K, 10-Q’s, most recent earnings reports — Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) requires companies to file earnings reports no later than 45 days after the end of their first three quarters, and their quarterly and annual reports 90 days after their fiscal year end.
  • Go to or other financial portals and search for your company’s current market information. You’ll get access to the information by using your company’s stock symbol.
  • In the financial portal you will find a trove of information about your company: analyst opinions; stock price history; competitors; etc.
  • Search for news about your company in financial portals that you may use to bring your discussion and analysis to as close to the present as possible.
  • Edsel, Alexander D., Breaking Failure
  • Class notes, current events, and PPTX files