when are companies likely to use a job costing system or process costing system

When are companies likely to use a job costing system or process costing system? Describe the specific characteristics of each system and provide at least 2 examples from companies in your community for each system (at least 4 companies should be described). Explain why these companies would use one system over the other. Provide details on the types of operations (e.g. products or services) they are running, which make them more likely to prefer one system over the other.

Thread must be 350 words directly addressing the forum prompt.

Cite the textbooks and scholarly articles from professional accounting and business journals. Use at least 3 journal articles . Adhere to current APA format in all posts.

Book: Blocher, E. J., & Hicks, M. (2019). Accounting for decision making: Text and study guide.

Content 70%


Job Order versus Process Costing

8 points

Thread describes when companies would use different methods of costing.



12 to 11 points

Thread clearly and explicitly describes the characteristics of both systems.

Characteristics are well developed.


16 to 15 points

Several appropriate examples provided

Synthesis of Material Originality

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Thread conforms to the instructions.

Content is well developed. Included originality of thought. Paragraph structure and flow is excellent.

Analysis of the technique selected is provided.

Questions are answered thoroughly and supported using substantial research data

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Grammar/Spelling and APA formatting

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Student used correct grammar or spelling errors

Text and Journal Support

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Thread contains appropriate word count and content supported with text and relevant scholarly research data