FIU Deviance and Society Videos Summary

  1. Summarize the content of the videos in your own words in one approximately 250-word paragraph. Your paragraph should be a summary/reflection written in your own words. Watch the video(s) in its entirety before you write your paragraph to avoid using phrases from the video. After submission, check the automatically generated similarity (Turnitin) report to ensure that no more than 10% of your paper is being picked up as similar to one or more sources. Resubmissions are allowed as long as they are submitted before the deadline. Your last submission will be graded. Emailed submissions will not be accepted.
  2. List three interesting facts from the videos. You should have 3 BULLETS in the middle of your paper telling me your interesting facts
  3. What was the most interesting and why?
  4. Make a connection between the information in the videos and one of the following:

a) Your own life (yourself, family, friends)
b) Beliefs or ideas about the subject that the video reinforced
c) Changes you may make as a result of seeing the video

  1. follow instructions exactly

links to the videos:

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