FMT 106 Analysis of The Set Design of Designer Dominique Serrand Paper

classmate 2: The institution of marriage reproduces social relationships by being a model for future generations. Children generally look to their parents for guidance and support but also constantly learn things that aren’t explicitly said. Children see gender norms at work and power dynamics between both parents; such as which parent seems to be the decision maker and whether or not they value their partner’s input. In this way, we can look at how generational trauma is passed down and how many kids have a fear of “becoming their parents” when they start to get older. As stated in the textbook, family is supposed to prepare people for how to be “productive citizens.” This definition can differ from family to family, as values are different within each familial unit, and some families can be more focused on their own well-being rather than the good of others. In the United States, there is an emphasis on individuality and it’s generally expected that children will leave their families and fend for themselves more. Finally, our societies also value families, with there being some legal benefits to being married. 

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