Franklin Roosevelt and Adolph Hitler both came to power in 1933, History Assignment help

Roosevelt and Adolph Hitler both came to power in 1933. They found
themselves in charge of nations still suffering from the consequences of
World War 1 and the Great Depression. Unemployment in the US was
nearly 25%, while nearly one-third of Germany’s workforce had been

Americans and Germans had opted for new leadership in
1933 and were now looking to their new leaders for solutions, and
perhaps a new vision of the future. Both FDR’s Inaugural address and
Hitler’s first address as Chancellor of Germany have been analyzed for
their similarities and differences. Now it’s our turn!

In 2-3 pages, do the following:

both speeches and give an assessment of what these two leaders thought
was the cause of the problems their countries faced. Provide quotes to
support your personal view.

Using quotes from both speeches, tell how each leader intended to deal with:


Banking, finance and in general, the economy


Foreign Policy

in a concluding statement, tell where think these leaders find common
ground in terms of their proposed solutions, and what you think their
vision is with regard to the power of their position.

Feature a cover page and use proper APA formatting