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What did President Eisenhower use to justify sending troops to Vietnam?

He was maintaining his alliance to other nations.

He was trying to negotiate a treaty with the the leaders overseas.

He was following orders from his advisors.

The domino theory.

The wartime strategy of blending in with the regular population was which of the following?


None of these answers

domino theory


During the Vietnam war, the French were successful in defeating the Viet Minh.



Which of the following was the goal of the Geneva Accords?

To temporarily separate and later reunite the government under one regime.

To make accountable Vietnam leaders for the conflict in the first place.

To keep the French in the country longer.

To split the regime amongst other Pro-Western nations.

Why did Ho Chi Minh lead a resistance against France?

He sought Vietnam’s independence.

He wanted to control the country.

He wanted more foreign influence and control other than France.

He desired to keep French rulers in Vietnam but demanded more economic support in return.

Why was Vietnam key to the US curbing communism in Asia?

None of these answers.

Vietnam and the US had strong economic ties.

Vietnam was a major supplier of rice to the United States.

Vietnam had a direct tie to Japan which the US had thus far kept communism out of and had an interest in continuing to do so.

What was Nixon’s strategy to appeal to middle America?

He aggressively sought support from protesters and targeted his campaigns towards them.

He highlighted the salient issues that plagued and concerned many less outspoken Americans and promised to address and solve them.

He strove to appear liberal throughout his campaigns.

He tried to reach minorities during his campaign messages.

Nixon campaigned for more federalism.



Which of the following best describes Affirmative Action?

A way to fight corruption within the US government.

New anti immigration laws.

A way to combat economic and educational discrimination.

A way to solve educational needs of Latino women.

Though there was protest against discrimination of persons of disability, there was no success in addressing these issues throughout the 1970s.