GCC Comparing Development Theories: Modernization vs Dependency Questions

1 Compare and contrast modernization theory with dependency theory. Which do you think is more useful for explaining global inequality? Explain, using examples.

2.Define social stratification and discuss three systems of social stratification. Please indicate which of the three you will find that vertical social mobility is possible and explain why. 

3.Lovings vs. Viginia is the 1967 Supreme Court case that invalidated all anti-miscegenation laws. Please discuss at least two of the setbacks the Lovings experiences in the case prior to the case reaching the High Court.  Did the Court reach the right decision? Please explain. Do you believe that it’s possible anti-miscegenation laws can re-emerge? 


In what ways did the movie Skin, the story of the life of a South African woman named Sandra Laing, demonstrate the social construction of race? Hint: There are about three incidents in the movie that illustrate the point.  

4.What is environmental racism and provide examples of how this form of racism has affected communities of minority groups?

5.Describe the difference between sex and gender.  Can the two terms be used interchangeably?  Please explain.

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