GCC Racism Theory Essay

Theory Paper will be based on:

• Using three (3) sociological theories of racism from Chapter 4 (I will provide website and log in to use the book), explain a contemporary issue related to race/racism.
• Contemporary issue must be drawn from news/media sources within the last five
years. News sources include any and all mainstream news/media outlets (CNN, New
York Times, MSNBC, Los Angeles Times, Daily Beast, Fox News, Vox, BuzzFeed,
Vice, etc.). Include citation of news source in body of text and in works cited section.
• Apply the theories to the current event on race/racism. Define the theories and then
evaluate how those three theories explain your contemporary issue. Make sure
you bold and underline the theories in your essay.
• Finally, identify and assess which one of the three theories best explain your current
event and why?

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