genre analysis 5

Choose one of the following genres of writing:

  • Yelp! review
  • Entry on a baking/cooking blog
  • Twitter “essays” (i.e. “tweet-storm”)
  • Film/book/game/music review
  • Suggest your own genre of writing–this option needs instructor approval.


For this assignment, do not evaluate (pass judgment on) the representative works. Outline three basic elements that seem to be characteristic of the genre—refer to the representative works to help illustrate your claims. Address the following:

  1. Thesis. Here’s a basic template to use/modify: An exceptional (effective?) review (blog, tweet-storm, etc.) must include ___, ___, and ___.
  2. How does each element work within the genre to achieve a specific purpose?
  3. How do the different elements relate to one another to achieve this purpose?
  4. How do the different elements help the writer reach a particular audience?

Your goals for this essay are to discover the nuances of genre and purpose, to give your reader a new/more precise understanding of the components of the genre. You may think of this assignment as a more in depth “how to” or instructional essay.

Additional Requirements:

  • follow MLA format (12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced) and use MLA guidelines for in-text citations and works cited page
  • refer to the representative works with summary, paraphrase, and direct quotes