Glendale High School Sociology Question

2. You must include a one-sentence thesis (debatable claim (Links to an external site.)) in italics in your introductory paragraph. You thesis should speak to the problems of a specific racial inequality and a specific solution

3. Identity and describe a racial inequality/injustice in society. Be specific. What are the various institutional, legal, and socio-political dynamics of your chosen racial inequality/injustice? What are the ways in which social scientists measure and/or observe this racial inequality? Use one of the theories in chapter 4 to interpret this inequality from a sociological perspective.

4. Describe a proposed policy solution and/or social movement that is attempting to combat the negative effects of your chosen racial inequality. What types of solutions are being presented and what are the benefits of the proposed policy solution or social movement? Analyze the proposed policy solution and/or social movement using one concept/approach discussed in chapter 14 of the textbook as it relates to racial justice. How well does this proposal or movement get us closer to racial justice? 

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