Health Belief Model Discussion

will select a scientific, peer-reviewed publication based on a public health intervention or project that utilized or applied a theory or model (HBM, TPB, TRA, IMB, PMT, TMC, PAPM, SCT, diffusion of innovation, and PRECEDE-PROCEED) to compose an article critique. This critique should cover HBM, TPB, TRA, or IMB. The article critique should include:

  • Discussion of the public health intervention or program
  • Discussion of theory or model in relationship to health topic
  • Discussion of methods and how it was used to evaluate the public health intervention or project
  • Application to research
  • Critique of article (constructs of theory in relationship to article, utilization and analysis of theory or model, and your thoughts regarding application)

APA 7th edition formatting should be followed with appropriate formatting and referencin