HN 220 PU Community Resources in Human Services Essay

For this assignment, you will be looking at populations you might work with in your career as a human services profession. Some populations that are impacted by substance use include the mentally ill, homeless, pregnant women, veterans, families, and teens. Research your local community services and select one population that is affected by substance use in your area.

Using the Unit 3 Assignment Template, you will write a 2- to 3-page essay addressing each of the following:

Provide a brief overview of the population that you have selected, and identify three specific social problems that impact the population.

Locate two agencies/organizations in Las Vegas, Nevada  that might work with this population. What services does the agency provide? What are the pros and cons of each agency?

Describe two potential community interventions that the agency uses. How might you use the agency resource when working with the substance use population you have selected?

Explain three NOHS Standards that a human services professional might apply when working with populations with substance use issues.

Explain the role human services professionals play in solving social problems related to substance abusing populations in your community.

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