HSCI 317 HWC Health & Medical Healthy Aging Reflection Paper

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HSCI 317

Healthy Aging Reflection Paper

Following all of your readings and work this semester in this course, you are to consider the concept of “healthy aging” for yourself. You are to develop a plan for your “healthy aging.” This project may include internet resources and will result in your written reflection on this topic. Remember that this is to be written in your words about YOUR life and perspective on what “healthy aging” means to you. Take some time to consider all that might be available today as well as what you anticipate might be available when you are older (e.g. 75+). Reflect on your current life and family and you can compare and contrast with any experiences you are having or have had with aging friends or family. How does yours compare?

Use the following prompts to help your reflection plan, however use whatever resources you would like that provide you additional guidance in developing your plan. Be sure to cite any resources that you take quotes or information verbatim. 

At what age do you consider yourself “old” and what does that look like for you to include your physical, mental, emotional, relationships, and financial situation?

Considering your life at that age and older, who is in your life at that time (family, friends, work related, etc.)? What other roles might you have that would influence your plan?

Where are you living and what is the community like (e.g. communal living, urban, suburban, rural, hot, cold, etc.)? Consider demographics, geography, are you in independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and do you live alone or still have someone with you?

What kind of financial arrangements have you made to take care of yourself and any loved ones in a healthful manner?

Do you have a will, executor, a trust, medical directive or plan, life insurance or any other investments and do you have plans for all of your assets (e.g. who gets what)?

Finally, what would you want your obituary or remembrances to say about you? How would you want to be remembered? Consider what you believe is important for people to know about you after you have passed.