Human Rights’ implementation in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Assessment Guidelines / Requirements:

  • This assessment counts for 40% of the student final grade.
  • The total mark on this assessment is 100 marks as per the Rubric for Research Writing (attached).
  • Students are required to submit this assessment on Turnitin website.


  • This is an individual assessment. Please do not share your work with anyone else.
  • Academic dishonesty includes cheating, plagiarism (copying) or any other attempt to gain an academic advantage in a dishonest or unfair manner.
  • Cheating may lead to annulment of that examination and you will be subject to a severe penalty.
  • Please refer to university Plagiarism Awareness Handbook.

Should be: this is where you go to the university library


1-ProQuest: Username: 8INV1N3T4Y, Password: welcome.

2- And any other resources from internet

  • Length of the Assessment (minimum 8, maximum 12 pages).

Kindly make sure that your lines are justify and the paragraph spacing (1.5) types of typing (Times New Roman).

Research Writing Overview:

Students are required to develop a research based on the following topic:

Human Rights’ implementation in the Kingdom of Bahrain

In particular, students are requested to focus their project on the following aspects:

  • International Human Rights Enforcement Mechanisms +(Principles)
  • National implementation of Human Rights in the Kingdom of Bahrain (Bahrain Enforcement Mechanisms)

Research Project Requirements:

Students are required to submit a research based on the guidelines / requirements below. It should be submitted on the link which will be created on Turnitin.


Section A: First and second page

  1. Logo, Title of your Research Project, Name of the student, Year
  2. Table of content

Section B: Introduction

  1. Definition of the topic, outlines context, introduces topic
  2. How Bahrain Implemented Human Rights in Bahrain and why is it important?

Section CPurpose Understanding and addressing the task

  • Discuss necessary key points

Section D: Structure of the research

  • Use Appropriate research structure:
  • Table of contents with key point and subheading.
  • Introduction
  • Executive summary
  • necessary key points covered and it should be numbered
  • The main section/s: findings, discussion, (clear sections in paragraphs with appropriate subheadings)
  • conclusion
  • Recommendation
  • References (textbook, author name, version, place of publishing, year)
  • justify your lines
  • Pages no.
  • Footnotes (author name, textbook names, version, place of publishing, year, page no.)

Section E: Discussion and Summary

  1. Discuss the relevance of this topic as prevalent in present times.
  2. What is the situation of this issue in Bahrain?
  3. What is the situation of this issue in the world?
  4. What can be done in future in this area?

Section F: References

RUW library resources:

Students must use RUW library resources /E Books/ E Databases for the research and for evidence-based sections.

Research Project Evaluation:

– Your research will be evaluated using the Rubric for Research writing (attached).