Human Trafficking in the United States and Abroad 

In a 5-page paper, address the following elements: 1. Provide a description of the back ground on the topic of Human Trafficking in the United States and Abroad on which you would like to conduct a study (several paragraphs; include three sources and use quotes where applicable that demonstrate the problem exists), 2. Write a problem-statement in one short paragraph (based on first element), 3. Write a research question your study will answer (based on the problem-statement). 4. Describe and explain how Action Research will answer your research question. These elements are the beginning of Chapter 1 Introduction for your thesis paper; see course for details).

Note: An element of this opening assignment is to begin a literature search. You will identify an issue or problem that requires a solution; review existing literature (professional articles, other studies, etc.) that lends evidence to there being a problem as well as suggestions for solutions. From this you will construct a research question (week 2) and design a basic study to answer these questions (weeks 3-5). Your effort here should be as complete as possible at this time as it constitutes Chapter One: Introduction of your thesis paper (the more complete this section is written now the less you will have to do in the later part of this course).

Use APA format (e.g., TR, 12 pt type). Include a reference page with a minimum of three sources for each of the two sections or a total of six references (use in-text citations pertaining to these sources).

· Format – Follow APA format/ standards, for example:

· Title page – Follow standard format

Font – Use Times New Roman, 12 point.

Margins – See your APA manual.

· Page numbers – Include page numbers in the upper right hand corner.

· Headings and subheadings – See your APA manual (p. 113) for information about the placement of headings and subheadings.

· References – Number of references noted in course.

· All references must be used and cited in the text of your paper.

· At least five sources must come from major academic journals, such as those that are “peer reviewed” in EBSCOHOST electronic databases.

Week 1 Written Assignment Rubric

Quality of Content (80 Points)

___/20: Description of background of the topic (purpose, significance, etc.)

___/40: Draft of P/S and research question

___/10: Explanation of how Action Research will answer your research question

___/10: Conclusion

Quality of Writing (20 Points)

___/ 5: Format – Text meets APA/MSE standards.

___/ 5: Organization – Organization of paper demonstrates critical thinking. (Paper contains cover page, introduction, conclusion, headings, and effective transitions).

___/ 5: Precision – Student uses terminology and writes clearly and concisely.

___/ 5: Mechanics – Student spells, constructs sentences, and punctuates correctly.