i need your assistance in creating this simple php task

Just write a simple PHP code that will follow the instructions provided. You will also need some small data entry in the MySQL DB.

The Original Task is in the uploaded PDF file. You just need to create a logical simulator not an actual software.

The text file formats are the data you need to enter in the MySQL database. The instructions are given in the PDF how you should enter the Data in the MySQL.

If you try to read and follow the PDF file, you might not know how to answer it. (Don’t worry I’ll explain how you should do it.)

I’m posting this tasks because my Xampp goes nuts in my Windows 10 OS.

There are 2 pages or forms you need to create.

First page is for MAC Address Bridging while the second one is For IP address routing table.

The rule to meet the output in the first page to check the decision if it is (Forwarded, Broadcast or Discarded)

1. Forwarded – The Destination MAC Address is not in use and it is in the list.

2. Broadcast – The Destination MAC Address is not in use and it is not in the list

3. Discarded – The Destination MAC address is not reachable, or in use of another Source MAC_Address ( here in the MySQL you just need to add a column if the Destination MAC_Address is in use or available )

For the second page or part 2 of the PDF

You just need to do IP Address Mapping just like tracert in the command prompt.