i want help in a writing hw

In beginning, he gave us a movie that we should watch. After that he give us an assignment that we should do the one that I send it to you and I will send you the instructions of it. Now we should write around 500 words and three sources so that he see out work and give us feedback for the final.

After seeing the movie you should pick something you like( idea 1) about the movie for example how the girl acting weird after her father kicked her dog outside and how this thing changed her personality and how this can happen in the real world and you should write thesis statement and 1 ‏ ‏paragraph after that u should pick another thing( idea 2) and write thesis statement as well. (I already did this part and I did upload the file).Also I give thesis statements over here and I give the ideas and some details here so you just need to support these ideas with much details in some resources

The HW instruction that you should do:(At least 500 words. Three sources. Written as prose, not outline.)

movie link https://fmovies.fm/movie/white-god/?watching=cNCxx…