information technology in strategic planning challenges and problems 1

From attached, make any revisions requested. At this point you should have a firm introduction to your research question, theoretical justification for your research model, and a design for your quantitative research study.

You should have at least 50 references at this points and many pages.

Use only research articles from MIS Quarterly or the Communications of the ACM to support your research topic.

It is important that the group use to ensure the paper is well written and that it is original. Any text from other sources should be a quotation per APA and you can only use one quotation in this paper.

You need to provide a detailed review of each article in your reference list – providing the key constructs from each article that are related to strategy.Then construct a table of the constructs – description and reference.Then you can identify the key factors in strategy and the challenges. What is the outcome that you want to prove.