principle of business law discussion question 1

Make a sentence to discuss each short case, the lectures for the case are attached

Q1: Pollution from the Replay Baseball factory gets into the local water supply.  It causes a painful bacterial infection that lasts for two weeks.  Two local residents sue Replay Baseball after they get the virus from drinking the water.   Local newspapers had reported the dangers and the town had distributed numerous pamphlets advising against drinking the water. 

What damages might they seek?  Will their lawsuits be successful?


Q2: Mickey’s retail business supplies Van Alden’s cleaning company with a highly specialized cleaning product.  Van Alden and Mickey enter into a contract in which Mickey will supply 20 cases of the cleaning product for $100 per case.  Two weeks later Mickey contacts Van Alden and tells him that he can only supply the product for $110 per case.  The two agree to the change in writing.  After Van Alden has completed delivery of the 20 cases, he sends a bill to Mickey for $2,200.

Does Mickey have to pay $2,200?  What are the competing arguments?  Is this the UCC or the common law?  Does it make a difference here?