intercultural comm written assignment 4

Answer the following assignment questions. Please include the questions in the submission


Essay 1

Explain how differences in the perception of time and the use of space affect intercultural and co-cultural communication. Why is it useful to understand the nonverbal language of a culture? What are some potential obstacles to accurately reading the nonverbal messages of other people? What is meant by the following: “Most nonverbal communication is learned on the subconscious level?” (250 words)

Essay 2

How can an understanding of the difference between “high-context” and “low-context” cultures help in communicating between members of each culture? (Define these two concepts in your answer.) (250 words)

Essay 3

Select one of the following prompts from Chapter 5 in Intercultural Communication: A Reader and respond:

  • According to “The Nexus of Language, Communication, and Culture” by Mary Fong, what are some fundamental ideas about the relationship between language and culture?
  • In “Dialogue and Cultural Communication Codes between Israeli-Jews and Palestinians,” how have the Israeli-Jewish and Arab cultures developed unique speech codes that reflect their nearly polar opposite cultural differences?
  • In the selection “In Different Dimensions: Nonverbal Communication and Culture,” how does nonverbal codes, such as verbal languages, shift from culture to culture? (250 words)