Interpersonal Relationship Research Paper

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Paper-Interpersonal Relationship Research Paper

Purpose: The purpose of the assignment is to conduct research on an interpersonal

communication relationship and problems with potential solutions.

Instructions: Select an interpersonal topic to research in which there is a social problem

you want to know more about or just a topic you want to know more about (e.g., conflict

in cohabiting couples, friendships, social support messages, advice giving, friends with

benefits relationships, gossip and friendship, addiction in relationships, cyberbullying,

stalking/relational intrusion and relationships, etc.) This paper must be typed and properly

referenced using APA style (See end of syllabus for details).


1. Paper must be double spaced-12 pt font

2. Paper must be 7-10 pages in length not including the cover page/reference page

3. Utilize 10 academic articles to support your paper

4. Provide an introduction where you tell me what the goal of your paper is.

5. The body of the paper that your research will focus on and include descriptions,

examples, and communication research about your topic.